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April 10, 2011

For Anat Kah, 2011 began with a successful fundraiser, big ideas and new alliances that should help lead to a great year in Puerto Aventuras. Below is a quick summary of what we’ve been up to so far this year, and what we have planned for the remainder of the year, as well as some information about different ways you can help support the community of Puerto Aventuras.

  1. Benefit Auction: $10,000 USD Raised!
  2. Volunteering in Puerto Aventuras
  3. High School Progress
  4. Plans for 2011
  5. Happenings around the Community

Benefit Auction: $10,000 USD Raised

Led by auctioneer Steve Talbot from Talbot Benefit Auctions in Porltand, Oregon, and made possible by many generous donors and participants, the January 14th auction at Jardin Puerto Aventuras, brought in approximately $10,000 USD to benefit Anat Kah’s programs and projects. Much of the funds have already been used for the final stages of construction of the high school, and the remainder of the money that was raised will go towards this year’s projects and grants that will benefit the residents of Puerto Aventuras (keep reading for more details…).

Thank you to all who participated in the auction, to all of the wonderful local businesses and residents who donated goods, services and experiences, and to our dedicated group of volunteers who gave their time and energy to make the event a success.

Volunteering in Puerto Aventuras

In January and February, Amy Holson, originally from England, came to Puerto Aventuras with one objective: to help out in the community as much as she possibly could.

She contacted Anat Kah in late 2010 to ask for help locating volunteer opportunities and coordinating her daily work schedule. We contacted several different organizations and people doing work in the community and were able to find Amy work helping a volunteer English teacher in the primary school, supporting the children’s English teacher with Puerto Aventuras Educators, planting seedlings in a community nursery, and assisting with the horse therapy program for children with special needs in Puerto Maya.

She worked six days a week, up to 8 hours a day; riding her bike to the community center or the horse ring, driving up the highway to Playa del Carmen or waking up early for 7:30 am classes in the primary school. Her dedication and selflessness during her month of vacation were truly exemplary. Thank you, Amy, from Puerto Aventuras!

If you are planning a trip to Puerto and would like to volunteer, even just part-time, please contact us and we will be happy to help coordinate your activities for you.

High School Progress

The first phase of the high school in the Poblado is almost complete. Final structural details are being completed as I type, and we are creating a work plan for the final details, including the purchase and installation of windows, doors and the beautification of the outdoor space (keep reading to find out how you can help!).

Once the project is complete, we will hold an inauguration event to celebrate and welcome the first students into the space. We will keep you posted!

Our Plans for 2011

With the help of two volunteer consultants from Canada, Anat Kah has defined a strategy for 2011-2013 with a focus on three key areas of interest in the community of Puerto Aventuras: youth and education, health and well-being and community and economic development. Our fundraising, grant-making and program activities over the next three years will be organized within these areas, in order to meet our goals in cost-effective, innovative and participatory ways.

Our 2011 call for grant proposals has been sent to local community groups and nonprofit organizations and we have already received several applications for funds. This year, we hope to support a number of new initiatives in Puerto, as well as provide continued support to long-running programs, in order to fulfill our overall mission to improve the quality of life of residents of Puerto Aventuras.

Initiatives that we hope to help coordinate and fund this year include a semester-long youth leadership program focused on the prevention of domestic violence, a community arts center, and innovative teacher trainings.

We also hope to continue our support for the great work of Patas, Friends of Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Aventuras Educators and Transformar Educando A.C., programs that have been operating in the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras for years, providing educational opportunities and vocational training to adults and children and medical care for our four legged friends.

In order to address the issue of lack of health care options in Puerto Aventuras, we are working with a non-profit health organization based in Playa del Carmen to open a low-cost, high quality clinic in the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras. The clinic will offer a variety of preventative screenings, consultations with visiting doctors and experts, direct referrals to hospitals and the larger health clinic in Playa, community educational programs as well as general care services with an on-site doctor.

If you would like more information about any of these projects, please contact us. We will keep you posted about the progress of each activity as the year progresses.

Happenings around the Community

First Annual Puerto Aventuras Charity Golf Tournament

A group of caring residents have organized the 1st Annual Puerto Aventuras Charity Golf Tournament that will take place this Tuesday, April 12, beginning at 9 am, at the Puerto Aventuras golf course. All of the proceeds from the tournament will go towards the construction of the high school in the Poblado. The fee to enter is $100 USD/$1200 pesos, and its open to the first 36 registrants. Use of the golf course, as well as prizes, have been donated by local vendors.

For more information, or to register, call Jim Jamieson (873-5335) or Bob Uecker (873-5195).

School Playground Project

Our local bilingual school, Colegio Puerto Aventuras, has been the generous host to many of Anat Kah’s activities, including Camp Corazones and Hermanitos Puerto Aventuras. Now, the school is raising funds to complete improvements to a playground on the school grounds that is open not only to the local children who attend the school but to all residents and visitors of Puerto Aventuras.

So far, $82,000 pesos has been raised and the school needs $70,000 more to finish the project. The project includes two complete playground sets and 3 park benches in the park area of the school as well as a cement ping pong table and tiled tables and benches under the high school palapas by the soccer field. If you have any questions or would like to help, you can contact Gabi Kozelj, the general director of the school at the school office (984) 873 5141 or by email.

In order to provide effective and strategic support to this diverse group of programs, as well as to continue to operate our own initiatives this year (including Camp Corazones and the after school activity scholarship fund) , we need your help. Our ability to give is based on your willingness to give. Please click here to give today. If you would like your gift to go to a particular project or area of interest (youth and education, health and well-being or community development), please let us know

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